Sunday, September 20, 2020

 Good Evening Everyone! 

A a few notes to keep you informed. 

First of all, I've created a Google Classroom for my class. I've sent out an invitation to all students to join up this evening through their Google e-mail. When I get everyone joined up, I will be sending out a parent request to join as well. My goal is to get every student comfortable using this classroom by the end of the week. Please encourage them to get comfortable with it as well!  More to come on the use of technology in the coming days. If you have any issues with use of, or access to, technology, do not hesitate to email me privately. The classroom is simply called, "Grade Five Pike 2020-2021.

On Friday, I issued my class schedule so every student should be able to organize their day a little better going forward.  I'll be posting my schedule as my first entry in the new Google classroom.

As well, important info regarding lunch orders went home as well. If your child doesn't have it for some reason, all the information is found on the Riverside webpage.

That's it for now.

Have a great Sunday evening!

Mr. Pike

Thursday, September 17, 2020

  Good evening everyone,

As our first full week of school wraps up I just wanted to pass along a number of notes about what we are doing at school. 

In ELA, students are in the middle of writing a narrative account of what they did over the summer, its simply entitled My Summer Holidays.  The writing is  an  open ended piece of writing which they can write about one particular trip with their family or just a summary of what thy did over the two months of summer. Early next week I plan to get them to type their final draft in a Google document that can be saved electronically. 

In math, we have completed a number of review sheets that covered  topics such as place value, patterns, and addition and subtraction.

We have now started the numeration unit and I have signed already some work from their math textbook.

The work is found on page 42 and 43 in their text,  but I have not assigned this for any official homework at this point. As we get further into our routines next week I may assign some homework in mathematics, however for now we are just working on the math in class during the day. Of course there are literally hundreds of good math websites and software that your child could be using on their own at any time. With that in mind I have registered your child for access to a math App called  IXL. I’ve shown them the website and have given them their user names and passwords which they should have in their agendas. They are free to access this site and work on any topics of their choice at the present time. They can of course take a look at grade 4/5 place value which is found in each of the grade 4 and five tabs on the site. Visiting this website is not a requirement, but I have found it very useful over the years as a site for additional work on virtually any math topic. One of the great features of this site is that a student can scroll through the different grade levels to find out where exactly they are comfortable at the moment with their knowledge of a certain math topic. 

A couple of miscellaneous notes:

Please encourage your child to bring a large water bottle with them to school every day. This is to cut down on the trips required to go to the water fountain for refilling. 

Also please remind your child that it is extremely important to follow all the daily rules and regulations surrounding COVID-19 and staying safe in school. One example of this would be the fact that they must remain seated while they are eating at recess and during the first part of lunch. This is to ensure that no potential contamination can occur with the sharing of food and drink. This may seem like a small rule, but it is very important that they remain in their own seated area. 

One final note:

A student in my class accidentally bought home and umbrella belong to another student today in class. If they could kindly return it tomorrow morning it would be greatly appreciate it.

Have a great evening!

Mr. Pike

Sunday, September 13, 2020

 What a positive week at Riverside!

Hello Parents and Guardians:

My name is Earle Pike and I will be your child's Homeroom, ELA, and Math teacher this year.

This simple blog will be my primary method of getting general information out to you.
Once I get all emails confirmed, I’ll be sending out info via email as well. 

On this blog I will post:

-all dates for tests, assignments, and projects
-test reviews and outlines
-homework to be completed and the current topics being covered
-reminders that informational notices have been sent home
-"good news" announcements
-essential educational  links
-other important info.

Class schedules will be given out this  week. You should see a typed copy in your child's backpack.

Agendas have been given out and  I encourage all students to use their agendas for writing down homework and upcoming events. This blog will serve as  a "check" for you as parents!

If your child  is not going home by the usual means, or is off school for any reason, please jot down a note in his/her agenda or on a piece of paper (signed). Of course, an email is another quick way to get information to me. For the basic safety of your child, I'd like to know in writing, by email, or phone at the office that there is change of plans.

We have daily Read to Self every morning. Due to current Covid protocols were trying our best to limit sharing and contact. As you know, communal books are hard to  clean so I strongly encourage your 
child  to bring in his/her own book, magazine, or E-Reader which  would be the preferred course of action at this time. School and age appropriate material  of course! 

In Math, we have begun to review many aspects of numeracy such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and patterns. I’m taking a deliberate approach at this time and adhering to the advice given to us by NLESD regarding academic programming. 

Please contact  me ASAP if you have any concerns or would like to know more about the content of our courses. As well, please let me know of any suggestions you may have for this blog! Always open to new suggestions!

You can call the school at 466-7552
email me at

My goal is to provide a Public on-line space to share school information. Any private concerns just fire off an email or give me a call.

We’ve had a good start  this week, despite the many new rules and protocols we now have to follow! 
Keep pointing out to  your child that the reminders I give them are solely meant to keep them and their classmates as safe as possible. 

Have a enjoyable Sunday! 

Mr. Pike

Monday, June 8, 2020

Hi Parents/Guardians:

A few final notes.

First, I'm ending online learning this week. We had a number of successful Google Meet clases over the past number of weeks. It has been as much a learning experience for me as I'm sure it has been for you and your children. At this point in time no one can tell definitely as to how education will be delivered in the Fall, I can tell you that the teachers at Riverside will be prepared should we have all virtual learning, physical in school learning, or a hybrid of the two.  While this is an official ending to classes, ANY STUDENT can continue to contact me ANYTIME to discuss ANYTHING related to his or her learning!

Secondly, I have one Google Meet session left and that will go ahead at 7 PM on Thursday evening. This will not be a teaching class, but an online "year end party"! I'll have a Kahoot session ready and the kids can chat about things, tell each other and myself what they have planned for the summer, and so on. I'll stay on for an hour or so and it will be completely open ended. Kids can come on and leave after a few minutes, or stay for the whole hour! I deeply feel that while it will not act as the best closure they can have, at least it will have a resemblance to a "last day of school'! And I need to stress that it does not matter if your child has not been a regular to our online classes.  I would love for ALL the kids to check in and even just listen to the others or to just say goodbye for summer. So, I'd really appreciate it if you can entice your child to check in on Thursday evening. I'll be sending out the  all important Google Meet code to everyone via email later this evening. Please note: chips, cheesies, cupcakes, and pop are entirely optional! LOL

Thirdly, would you be able to send me your permanent mailing address and any new email contacts you may wish to add? The school will need the update for its records as we send out any correspondence such as report cards in the next two weeks.

Finally, I would like to say a formal note of gratitude  to all of you for such a wonderful year! I felt there was a tremendous level of cooperation and understanding from all and it made my experience teaching your kids such an enjoyable one! Please God, we will be able to chat in the corridors of Riverside again before the calendar year is over! So thanks again and remember I'm always only an email away should you need to discuss anything. Have a joyous Summer with your family and stay safe!

All the best ,

Mr. Pike

Please Note: While I've extended a formal goodbye, I may have to send out additional emails should information change. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Hi Everyone

Here's an update on how I will complete my Learning From Home for this year.

In Math, I have finished an number of classes on Fractions and Decimals. I've had a  dedicated group of students who have come online for almost all of the Google Meet classes. This week I have been discussing Probability and showing the students some interactive sites to learn all about Probability. Next week, we will continue in math with 2D and 3D Geometry. 

Late next week, I'm planning a virtual "year end party"! I have not finalized the date and time yet as I would like maximum input for ALL students to find out what is the very best time to have it.
With that in mind, I will be sending out an important email this weekend to every student's Google email account. Please get your child to check for it. Whether your child has been a frequent participant of our online classes or not, I sincerely would love for them to meet up with their classmates for one last time. So, please left them be  aware of and check for my remaining  emails over the next few days.

I have also registered every student for a Current4Kids reading account. The account info was emailed to them last week. Have a look for it. It will be a free subscription until June 30th! After that you can choose to  pay the subscription or not.

Other notes: 

I will sending out a parent email to all parents this week that will include a Google Form asking for general information. Please fill it in and submit back. Thanks!

Year end report cards will be sent out in the upcoming weeks. I'm unsure at this time if they will be digital or paper.

I still have 10 pairs of shoes belonging to one of children! LOL! I sent a photo attachment in an email  sent  out in late May. Again please have a look in your child's email list and take a look at the pictures. Send me back an email and we can discuss how you will get them! Thanks!

I'll post more on the blog over the next days. If you'd like to sit in with your child to see how our online learning is going I would certainly encourage you to do so.

Have a great evening!

Mr .Pike

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Here's what we are doing now! I am inviting each child to a Google Meet virtual classroom twice a  week. I am sending out the invite via your child's Google email address which they all have! If you are reading this I strongly encourage you to access your child's Google account, my Google Classroom which they all have access, and their Google email where I am keeping them up to date and informed. This blog is for general info only and if you want to see where  the academic learning  is being done you should visit my Google Classroom and Google email.

Because it may take some time for everyone to get familiarized with  the Google suite, here is what I did in our last Google Meet class:

Last Wednesday, I did a more traditional "class". We watched a video clip on equivalent fractions and I posted a little worksheet on fractions on my Google Classroom. I then told the kids that we would be starting up persuasive writing which would lead into their public speaking. Hence, the intro piece on cell phone use in the classroom. As you know, we cannot mandate any work as assigned homework (as of now anyway) so I told the kids to work on this material and we would go over it the next class. I'm having two classes next week. Monday at 11 and Wednesday and 11. Your child should have gotten an invitation to join via his or her Google email. My goal is to keep simulating a "real" classroom experience for the kids as I think they need to feel "normal", interactive and productive right now! 

Stay safe and stay well!

Mr. Pike

Monday, April 27, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope your week has found you safe and comfortable in the ongoing health crisis.

An important note this morning regarding at home and online learning.

 This Wednesday,  I plan to start communicating live with my class through Google Meet. Each student should have it in their Google suite (the little waffle shaped icon in the top right of the screen).
I will be sending out an invitation via their google email accounts for Wednesday, April 29 at 11:00 am. So, what does your child need to participate? A headset with both headphone and attached microphone would be preferable if  using  desktop or laptop. If using a smartphone, both features should be available like you'd have already on your phone such as  during a Facetime session. Please do not stress if  you do not have all the technology! Contact myself and/or Mr. Hackett privately and we see what the school can do to provide the technology for your child to join in. Our first session will be informal and I will not be doing any teaching per se. I DO want it to be a drop in session to make contact with everyone and just to see how everyone is coping and get students to see and hear their classmates once again. Remember, at this time (and maybe subject to change later), this will be an optional activity and if any parents wish to not have their child participate then that's perfectly fine. I hope I can encourage some to join and just to say high to each other, talk about the changes we have all made, and of course talk about the times when we will all be back at Riverside again learning and laughing together!

Here is a link to an IXL tutorial you may wish to view to see the power of IXL at home.

Thanks and have a great day!

Mr. Pike